About Me

Welcome to Your Islamic Lifestyle.  When I reverted to Islam many years ago I found it difficult to get what I needed to immediately and smoothly transition to a practicing Muslim.  I eventually received a Quran from a sister in the Mosque and purchased a prayer rug.  The most difficult transition was converting my wardrobe to modest clothing.  Eventually, I had enough modest pieces to make the transition to an appropriately dressed Muslim.

Reverting to Islam continues to be a lifelong journey for me because I continue to increase my knowledge.  Among many lessons, I'm learning that reading a book of Hadith in conjunction with reading the Quran not only enhances my understanding of Allah's revelation but also guides my daily life.  I believe as a practicing Muslim, my responsibility now is to help others on their journey.  

At Your Islamic Lifestyle, I strive to make reverting to Islam comfortable and convenient for new Muslims/Shahadas.  As such, I've created a single venue where new Muslims can purchase the essentials to become practicing Muslims.  You can do so by creating your New Muslim/Shahada Collection which includes a Quran, a book of Hadith, a prayer rug, prayer beads and either a women's or men's wardrobe.  I hope I have assisted you in reverting to Islam conveniently and I pray Allah will make your journey easy for you.